We are committed to forest regeneration.

It’s no secret that paper grows on trees. We make a conscious effort every day to make sustainable choices. But we don’t just want to be carbon neutral. We want to be carbon positive! That’s why we have partnered with One Tree Planted.

For every order of $100 or more, we will plant a native tree right here in New Zealand!

Our partnership benefits our environment in multiple ways:


NZ wildlife

Restore Wildlife Habitats

Restoring forests also means restoring healthy ecosystems that are resilient to stressors like invasive species and climate change. New Zealand’s native forests serve as a refuge for local biodiversity and endemic wildlife.

Protect Watersheds

Reforestation efforts assist native vegetation in growing back. Cover crops and native plants prevent erosion and soil run off into rivers and streams. Healthy forests have a huge role to play in safeguarding healthy watersheds benefitting both nature and people.

Build community

Building Community

One Tree Planted works with a coalition of community groups, schools and regional organizations throughout New Zealand. We are not only building forests, but a stronger community with a love and respect for our forests.

Solar powered

We have had 39 Solar Panels installed on our Matamata office, meaning that most of our power now comes from the sun! We’ve also been working on some cool ways to reduce our footprint even further, including LED Lighting and smart controls that monitor our hot water, heating, path lighting and power throughout the day.  

Solar panels on our roof